A novella by Christina Bergling

About Savages

Two survivors travel the ruins of post-apocalyptic America. He remains convinced other survivors are out there, humans who did not become the savages all around them. She follows him, haunted and conflicted, lusting after him, as he pushes them west.

Together, they sit amidst the pieces of another cluster of savages. He leads them to scavenge what is left of the town, only for them to discover a newborn baby tucked in a closet—a child that conjures the ghosts of the children she lost and memories of her past deep enough to drown her.

She resists the child he dictates they take. Yet the child wears on her. For her dead sons, she slowly allows herself to love him, clutching him close as they continue to trudge through horrors.

Fleeing a town marred by crucified sacrifices, they encounter the survivor he has been searching for, the one person with speech. She does not trust Uriah, but he is too easily seduced by the hope of another like him.



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